Making Open Source GIS Solutions Presentable

14 November 2007

Two months after the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial  FOSS4G2007 conference, and I still marvel at the dedication and man-hours that go into these open source projects. One presentation that I attended said that, so far, 26 person-years has been sunk into their particular application.

I continue to wonder though, that amongst all those person-years, whether any given month or so would have made as much difference to user adoption as just getting a professionally designed logo. (They cost about $150.) Or a website front page that welcomed and invited real users. (Free, if you strip out the talk about licensing arrangements and code contributions.)

Directions Mag described the conference in terms of the maturity of the community and the readiness of these programs to compete on the world stage. I do hope that, sooner rather than later, these programs don a suit and tie, so to speak, and I’ll be happy to introduce them to my customers.