What is Sweeping Plains?

22 April 2008

It’s about time I came up with a product description (or a teaser) for Sweeping Plains. Here it is:

For municipalities who can’t afford to develop and maintain their own web-based Geographic Information System, Sweeping Plains is an externally hosted and managed website that provides the public with an easy-to-use map interface for accessing valuable council information.

Unlike MapInfo Exponare Public or ESRI EView, Sweeping Plains combines advanced mapping software, web hosting, data maintenance and professional map design in a pre-configured package.

(Thanks to the book Crossing The Chasm for helping trim down what would have been a long and boring list of features and benefits.)

If that sounds useful to your organisation, contact Groundtruth Mapping Systems. Or stay tuned as I provide further updates and working samples.


MapInfo Joins The Party

1 April 2008

MapInfo have finally announced that they’re going add support the spatial component of SQL Server 2008 to MapInfo Professional. It’s due out in MIPro 9.5 in ‘summer’ of 2008 – that’s northern hemisphere talk for June to August. Now we just have to wait for MapXtreme to catch up so that Exponare users can benefit.