Upcoming Presentation on Open Source GIS Software

12 February 2009

I’ll be doing a presentation on open source GIS software at the upcoming Newtech Conference in Warrnambool on the 26th of March. Here’s the abstract I’ve submitted.

Introduction to Free and Open Source Geospatial Software
Simon O’Keefe, Geospatial Systems Developer, Groundtruth Mapping Systems

Free and open source geospatial technologies are currently delivering real benefits to organisations around the world via a model of collaborative development and zero software licensing costs. It’s time for local businesses and authorities to start exploring how we can make use of the global open source movement to equip our organisations and users with high quality GIS software.

This presentation discusses why users and developers are turning to open source software and which open source GIS applications are being used right now by local and overseas organisations. The presentation will conclude with a showcase of ‘Sweeping Plains’, a municipal web mapping application developed by Groundtruth Mapping Systems using open source technologies.

I’m looking forward to giving people a peek at what I’ve discovered over the past couple of years of researching open source GIS software.